Breaking radio silence

I been busy since my last post, I know that you really know why, so I want to show the current progress.

I started by getting ready a lot of bases, approx. 54


it is really  a lot, then I worked on the fire warriors and kroot from my first battle force.


as you can see along the way I worked on the transport.

Then I worked on the Kroot, from the 2 squads I must confess that I got really mad when the turn to glue the arms  arrived, for some reason I found the arms from both units maddening to glue as I wanted.


Next was the turn of the drones, boring but better than the arms

then I worked on the crisis suits, first I built the commander and then the one that came in the first box, working on the later I decided to magnetize them so I started to do it  but I didn’t like so now I'm changing strategy and it my end up looking better.




after deciding that the strategy for the mount points were to hide stronger magnets inside the body, I remembered that the commander body was already glued so a bit of disaster was served until I tried the magnets with the metal parts of the broadside that were just opened, guess what GW metal is not magnet friendly. Smile with tongue out

after reading the rules I decided that since the broadside  only has the capability to change arms I decided that the already glued body would serve for it.


a bit of glue later and I am a happy guy.


I worked on some other things but I think that is good for tonight, tomorrow I will post more pictures of the rest.

(guess what, did you count everything right, it sounds like  a post is missing. Bonus points for the follower that answer what post is missing).


hint in the pictures there are answers  2 hidden in plain sight.


  1. nice, pathfinders and broadsides. You are planning on beating some eldar I see.

    I see you also assembled one of shadowsun's drones. I'm leaving her for last. For when my skill is much better than what it is now. Can't wait to see your test firewarrior :D

  2. please dont remember me of her she didn't make the cut, next time maybe.

  3. and about the broadside he's a loner now. the path finders need reinforcements too.

  4. needs more broadsides then :P



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