More progress is being served today.

Just a quick update today.

I finally finished to paint the bases for the 2 TAU battle forces.


What a lot to paint. 3 mid bases and 57 small ones

besides that I  started to test my new compressor I think that with it My tanks will have better paint works.


Till next time.


  1. wow very cool looking compressor! and daayum that's a lot of bases.

    good luck with the tau

  2. yes I came home early today and decided that the faster progress could be made on them, the hard part was to add the flow aid to the white so they look better.

  3. That looks totally awesome. Basing a whole army like that will make it look really nice and coherent. Makes me wonder which sept you are going for:)

    Nifty looking compressor. Few things changed my painting like using an airbrush:)

  4. I haven't choose a sect only the colors, white armour over dark blue or black garments. as you can see green for SM, brown for Orks and now it is white, it might be changed but I dont know right now.

    and thanks for the comments to both.

  5. I really should get out my one Tau model I have and paint it. I'm planning on painting it like the Bork'an sept so pretty close to what you are thinking of. I think it's Space Wolves Grey and Codex Grey with Hawk Turquoise for markings. And I could experiment with a winter base and see how that goes :)

  6. I will try to prime the army next weekend so the first one shold be ready by next week.

  7. just a friendly reminder before you start your army:

    white sucks!

    brought to you by: ashi's miniatures

  8. @Ashi Unless you have an airbrush:) Only way I ever got good white was with an airbrush. No streaks or anything. Just nice smooth white.

    Or one goes for a very light grey on top of white primer and highlights with white :) Maybe even a nice cool blue grey:)

  9. Flekzzo lets see what happens on my adventure, since you already dominate yellow that is an even trickier color than white, I feel confident that is possible to do so too.

    That is why I got the compressor.

    @Ashi I will bring the armed troop on saturday but it is still unplayable next saturday.

    @flekzzo I havent forgot is that time is dificult to get now but I hope it is possible.

  10. @woroxon I find white to be worse than yellow by now, but my best yellow recipe involves first airbrushing the model white (white primer is too thick to make it cover), then yellow.

    Also a little trick that I am going to try to use more: putting blue tac on small miniatures to mask of sections I don't want to airbrush. Masking tape can be hard to use and I am hoping the clay-like blue tac will be easier to use :)

  11. good idea! that way you get airbrush results on most of the model.

    and white sucks so bad, yet with airbrush it's better than black ;)



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