And finally I have a finished kroot squad

I finally got to finish my second kroot squad  it took me the incredible speed of 3 miniatures per day (2 hours really). I really dislike to built them the arms are a real pain. but here are any way.
I also managed to paint the greater part of my last unfinished AoBR miniature, the captain I didn’t finished because the arm is really good stored (read between lines, WHERE COULD IT BE SCOOBY)
once I find the arm I think it will look great.
The last point a preview for the conversion process I used  to convert my crisis suits.
Is is an easy process if you have a sharp knife, you simply start embedding the blade along the red line one little push at the time if you are careful you will get a nicely separated leg, that can be positioned in a very natural angle with out resorting to hiding tricks.
until next time, bye.


  1. Cleaning and prepping models have always been my least favorite part of the hobby. Especially since it takes me so much time to do it.

    I enjoy putting the model together and painting them though. That's the fun part :)

  2. Im washing a lot of minis today.
    I hope it works as expected



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