Working on my blog a bit.

I decided that my blog was in need of a change, this time I decided that white is in order as the main color because my Tau are going to use it as the armor, so you are going to see a lot of it.

What do you thing about the changes?


  1. nice! I like it better. Needs more tau though haha

  2. wait a bit it is coming and it is coming in force.

  3. I like it. Only thing I'd do would be to give the logo picture a shadow similar to the other boxes.

    Speaking of Tau and snow, I'm trying to come up with a way to make awesome looking snow bases. Maybe I will come up with something one day :)

  4. thanks to both of you, about the color I think that an snow themed base is not what I really want. let me see about it.

  5. Hey Flekk, for snow you could try the sprinkled baking soda trick, that seems to be really popular. Well, you have to apply it over something-

    Fichtenfoo has used variations, sometimes on damp matte overcoat, sometimes on PVA glue, here for further reading.

  6. @Jose I have prepped myself with a nice big jar of baking soda. I did a quick test on top of a cap with a mix of PVC glue, water, and baking soda and finished it off with a sprinkle. Turns out it looks great, but it was real brittle and easy to ruin.

    I like the matte medium + sprinkle better. Might try that next time instead:) Ended up with two other projects before my lone Tau suit so I have some extra thinking and testing time.



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