Inspiring the troops, wip

Ok today, I worked on my Terminator Chaplain, what a mini to work on. just lovely easy to paint and nice details.

here are some pictures.



I need to understand why in the pictures the surface is so grainy, is not like that in person but I guess that the flash reveal things that the naked eye doesn’t see.

I will work on the scrolls and Purity seals so they will have the proper texts.


bye and until next weekend.


  1. I guess it's the imperfections of pewter. Still it looks awesome. I want one.

  2. Avoid using the flash on the camera, makes the mini look worse than it really is. Using the most powerful image processing software in the world, the imagination, I can quickly deduce that that is one awesome looking paintjob. Very neat and he really looks the part. Evil skull helmet and all!

    (My minis tend to sometimes look better in photos than real life because of the slight blur and image processing to deal with color levels and such:) )

  3. thanks to bith. I will try to retake some pictures without flash.

  4. For this weekend, 1000 points right? raidengard is coming too but he only will have 750. Soooo we could pospone the 1000 point thing to include him. Or let me try to convince him to make a temporary 1000 list using my ultras. Either way make 750 and 1000 lists. I hope we get to fight some blue aliens :P

    I think I'm going to change the name of my blog, I'm no longer the good guy, chaos has taken hold of me.



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