A vision made reality.

A few months ago I dreamed of a system where a campaign could be played. back then I mentioned a new undiscovered planet near the tau space, now after following the excellent tutorial on planet creation on gimp that you can find at: http://mygimptutorial.com/the-ultimate-gimp-planet-tutorial
Planet tutorialcompletedBack story:
The system PL3-40 was hidden in or near a recently closed warp storm that was close to what now is know as the Tau empire space.  But it was not unknown to the empire because In the sector a few millennia ago  two empire fleets where dispatched and after a few confusing reports were never heard off again. Since further expeditions only encountered a raging war storm that blockaded travel to the system it was left to linger and be forgotten.
Forgotten but not unrecorded because now that a rogue trader by the name of rifeju wejo  found the system and detected some possible valuables there in the main planet the Administratum has decreed that the system must be reclaimed in the name of the empire.
Already some space marines have send units there to help enforce the decree, but they might be too late because the imperial Tarot has prophesized that a space hulk will appear near the same moment the mightiest of humanity will arrive to secure the planet. And being too close the tau empire it will definitely do something about the system.
what will be of the system, only time will tell.


  1. where there is blood, my khorne flakes will be there :P

  2. Y en donde hay Comida mis tyranid tambien XD

  3. tengo un fortress of redemption y un skyshield launcher, podriamos jugar una campana con algunos juegos con las reglas de planetstrike, y que los resultados de esas afecten los juegos con reglas normales

  4. Excellent Jose, because we can choose a random location on a map for every one not empire, then add some neutral points before rolling empire landing points



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