Testing the main TAU hull

Today I managed a few moments on my TAU vehicles.
the other option I have is to partially reverse the  blue and white. what do you think.
other detail is that the upper grill is gold as you have previously seen on the piranha.
until next time.



  1. interesting, I think it looks good. Are you planning on adding another color? maybe orange?

  2. I think it looks great the way it is. The blue is a nice strong blue so it works well with the white and the gold gives it a bit more visual interest. Bet it will look great when you get all the little bits and bobs added to it and painted.

  3. Thanks for the encouraging comments.

    about adding another color I will wait a bit more to decide, so far is white dark blue and gold.

  4. I'd give the blue another coat of thinned down paint and it does need a "sept color" or whatever they call it now again. For markings and such. Maybe red or teal or yellow. It won't feature much at all so it needs to stand out a bit :)

    My one Tau suit is getting Hawk Turquoise markings and so are the drones :)

  5. thanks Flekzzo, I'm undecided about vomit brown and red blood.

  6. I would go with red or maybe purple. Something bold and striking since it will be used very sparingly. At least that's how I think :)



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