Disaster has befallen my TAU and Vangard SM

Ok after posting the grainy pictures I haven touched my minis in a while so Today I decided to add some paint work and noticed something odd in the helmet of one of the warriors, I passed my nail over it and the paint peeled of.


Imagine my surprise when I tested further and discovered that all the model could be cleaned off like that, so I keep testing and it happened on all the painted warriors but not on the primed ones, next I tried the piranha and the devilfish hull I had at hand, even the vanguard peel off I just need to put my nail on a flat part and pull and voila an un painted section comes off. AHHHHHH.

I will to test on the primed minis and see if after painting them they suffer the same fate. It has never happened before. I even grabbed my Maernus Calgar and tried to do the same and it didn’t happened.

Now what? I need to strip everything and use a different base (first time using Testors primer, I always used flat black or white and always worked like a charm).

here are the shaken evidence.




sniff, sniff, sniff, a  sad day indeed


  1. thanks I only have witnessed the issue once before but it was an unwashed forge world miniature truth be told it was a bit more flaky the my case but it is a good reference to what is happening now. my fear is that It is a problem with my Paints but I´m uncertain because some minis are peeling only with the primer and other arent

  2. maybe your soap wasn't strong enough to remove the agent they put on their molds?

    this sucks very badly man, now you have to take it all off.

  3. I'd say that you need to invest is some sandable car primer. Some of the real good (yet still far cheaper than GW) stuff. Because it is heartbreaking to see paint peel of like that:( I know how much effort I put into my minis and wow, I really wouldn't want that to happen to me.

    Hope it all gets sorted out!

  4. Let them be and say they have been in combat... or better yet, let's go play gothic!

    lo otro es q si usaste pintura citadel para el fondo, esa se desprende T.T (las malditas experiencias)
    El liquido de frenos limpia muy bien las cosas y a la hora de lavar sale mas facil

  6. sip liquido de frenos va a ser tu amigo en esta situacion. Despues con el aerografo thinner y model masters flat black o cualquier otro color (gris o blanco) y ya no vas a tener este problema mas

  7. I usually only use testors flat white or black and wash all my minis it doesnt matter if it is plastic or not.

    I will use some brake fluid and meanwhile I already ordered new GW paints because I think mine are bad.
    I will let you know.

  8. Be careful with the breakfluids. I've heard that they can make the plastic brittle or soft. Don't want to ruin your models too!

    Hope your next primer works as it shold. Test it out on some sprue!

  9. thanks flekzzo I will be mindfull of washing them only the minimun of time meanwhile I have already get some testors flat black and new GW paints



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