A new update on progress

Ok I keep working a bit here and there so I decided to work. as expected painting white is hard and somehow I haven't managed to remove the grainy surfaces on the minis and it is something that is bothering me. anyway I like how they are now.






  1. I think the grainy surfaces are because of the airbrush, if you don't dilute the paint throughly and clean the tip every once in a little while then large drops of paint start to form. They then don't dry smooth but as blotches or little bumps. I usually do 2 - 1 windex to paint ratio.

  2. White is hard to get even, especially GWs white. Only way I can do it is an airbrush. Maybe some one manufacturer has a white that covers better. Wish they would have made a foundation white to be honest.

  3. thanks to both , i think it is the primer it was my first time using it and it looks aceptable on person but pictures really remark it, sadly my airbrush hasnt arrived yet. Meanwhile I'm using my brush with skull white so a fundation white would be great.



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