A bit more love for my STCs

After a really long time I finally decided to work a bit on 2 of my Space Marine hulls.

first I added some magnets on the hulls and some metal on two of the upper tops.


for the tops I clipped the plastic hinges and clipped some fat clips parts that I glued to the tops and voila it has an strong bond.



after that had been done I decided that I needed some motivation so I painted the interior with my airbrush, dam thing doesn't sprayed paint properly, really a pain, if it wasn’t for it my hulls would be blue right now, anyway here are the first two  interiors:DSC00201DSC00203DSC00208

I really like how they look, but I will need to have open door for them to be of use. I really want to have them ready for the next battle that should be soon.


besides that  have been invited to test Google+ so you might find me there, because for once I will jump on a social tool in the early stages, I'm more of the late kind of guy for it.DSC00202

till next time.


  1. Nice interior!
    Good Job - I look forward to see more :)

  2. Thanks Klaus coming from you I feel flattered.



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