A creepy feeling is growing in me

Lately I have been reviewing my stuff ad reading more and more about how GW is becoming an evil monster ready to suck on the blood of new players, I usually dismiss the rants since  I care to collect mostly and their minis are super and are just getting better, but even that doesn’t feel proper all the time, and now is one of those times when I let my turmoil be expressed because I really want to hear what you think.
I regret that while much of the fluff material on the codices is getting better it is also true that they are using they color section that used to be packed with good minis and how to paint them to just a gallery of minis.

Other place I can point my finger for my feeling is the site, not so much ago if I need a hobby article but didn’t  knew where to find it I just used the internal search engine, now that engine is just returning models I can buy, how hobby friendly is that, I might be missing the boat on configuration for my search but there used to be an option to separate purchasing searches from articles.

I know that I can keep into wh40k because their history and minis are the best and I simply love them, but I understand that it is something that can be easily ruined, my hope is that it is not the case and we have overly priced minis for a while (they are great after all, even if this is a non essential product).
After taking all of that of my heart I would like what you think on the topic.


  1. Their site is badly constructed and very user unfriendly. It has no pazaz at all. I can't find any of the articles I am interested in.

  2. Certainly, if you were looking for the spearhead rules it would be very hard if you know how, but in the past at least you could use the search engine to look for it and after some trial and error would find it, but now you would only get a list of models that you can purchase, definitibly not everyone in the site is trying to purchase new models, some are trying to find how to paint them. a really weird option since the message they are sending is that they only want your money nothing more after they have sell, if you return that is not encouraged.

  3. White dwarf is mostly filled with ads for upcoming models, I mean they still have painting tips but I remember the ones from the old days where they kept most of the mini info in the catalog and then the rest was like an expansion on the "how to" books.

  4. yeah those were good times, i still have some spanish WD where there ios a lot of content and some promotion, now there is showcasing everywhere nothing more.
    If you want inspiration, then go elsewhere in your first grade math notebook will be more of that.



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