Why I should blog about my hobby when there are so many blogs out there.



The scenario

you love your hobby and either you are new to the blogging world and want to have a blog or you already have one in both cases you see that there are already a lot of blogs out there about the same topic and now you have doubts about blogging.

What to do?

I have been there and let me tell you that I think that you should start or keep blogging if it is in your heart to share with the rest of the world, because your views and experiences are unique and that makes them worth sharing.

You still have doubts, then let me tell you that even if not everything you are going to post might be worthy for all, it might be to someone because of the way you do something or how they receive your personal opinion and that is the beauty of blogging.

When you share your knowledge you help the community to grow and that is great.

till next time.

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