Advancing my STC

today I worked on my 3 vehicles. now all I have to do the are the hatches.


I added a blue wash on the whirlwind, still deciding  if it will work.


so far the doors aren't glued. DSC00255DSC00256DSC00257DSC00258DSC00259DSC00260DSC00261DSC00262DSC00263DSC00264

so far I love how they look.

and magnets rule.

I hope to use them next august 6.


  1. they look amazing!!!

    can't wait to destroy them for the chaos gods!

    august 6 sounds perfect, i was hoping sometime sooner but as long as everyone can. Maybe I will be able to paint something this week now that I'm finally able to unpack my stuff.

  2. what you have currently done_ If I recall correctly it is a predator and a rhino.

    I like that a lot I will try to do all the sponsons and the turret so I can field 3 tanks. hahahahaha



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