My TAU Broadside.

I kept working on my broad side  and It helped me get a more refined version of the schema, the most important change is that instead of pure black for the metal parts I will use a bluish one.





One final tough is that In the hard corners of the white areas I decided to paint a bit of gray, it helped a lot.



  1. That is a lot of white, you are a brave guy! If I ever did that much white I'd have to airbrush it (reminder, get special hobby airbrush while color so I don't have to thin it myself). Oh and a tip, the P3 line has a really nice white, I prefer it over GW's any day. Just make sure you water it down, it's thick:)

  2. que bien, los tau ya van dando color XD .... a darle duro y espero nos juntemos pronto a jugar

  3. thanks Flekkzo, as a matter of fact most of the white was airbhrushed.
    UIm sorry I didnt answer before but I have been lost on g+

    Hellboy I think we must do a paint workshop I m thinking about second october weekend.

  4. pus vos mandas.. soy materia dispuesta... me agrada mucho la idea

  5. hmm paint workshop, lastima que en todo el tiempo que estemos juntos solo pintaria la mitad de una cara hahaha!

    cuando hay game weekend? y compre dreadfleet ! estoy tan pobre ahora haha

  6. jajajaja yea tenemos para jugar fantasy... yo quiero elfos silvanos XD...yo ya quiero jugar jugar jugar !! y si nos juntamos a pintar seria para compartir truquitos XD

  7. Lastima para hellboy que el titulo de jugador elfo silvano ya esta asignado.


    bueno la idea es que nos juntemos no importa lo que avancemos solo que compartamos como trabajamos entre nosotros, asi que uds deciden que desean primero Jugar y luego workshop o viceversa o no workshop. como deseen

  8. este sabado tengo libre la mayoria de la mañana y mitad de la tarde. preferiria jugar :D



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