Starting to built my Drop Pod

Ok, I managed some time to start doing my drop pod,

and the first order of business was to search on From the warp some assembly instructions and they are really spot on but I wanted to improve a bit, so I tried to place the magnets before assembling the door halves so it looks better.


I think it works fine but I had to use some green stuff to hold the magnets.

next I tried the fins



Finally a dry test fit.


Like many GW models I like the mini a lot, I look forward to have it done.

Next time I will have figured how to glue the base magnets since I will have the door magnets behind plastic and not directly facing the base ones.


  1. Very interested to see how it turns out. Did you file off the little offending piece of plastic on the doors? How do everything fit?

    And most importantly, will the next Space Wolves codex hit before I actually get to paint my damn wolves with their drop pods? :)

  2. It is comming along nicely and yes as per Ron's suggestions It is a really god idea to file those pieces, after I did it the doors didnt required any force to reach the closed position.

    And about your question I really doubt that the next space wolves codex will be released before you finish....

    Only. hehehe

    It is more like that 2 more space wolves codices will be released, look at me I only finished painting my AOBR minis 3 months ago. and rumors say that &th ed is comming next year.

    And Im as speedy painter around here.

  3. rumor has it that the new AOBR equivalent is going to be black templars vs chaos space marines. Two new starter box sets with one having each army. Sounds good if you ask me.

    Also nice looking pod. Hopefully this weekend you'll get a chance to use it.

  4. I might try to use it but I generally try to paint them first.

  5. 6th ed coming in next year, with a good chance of an ultramarines codex being the first codex to hit, would be awesome for my Imperial Fists:) Maybe maybe they will fix Lysander so he has a better special rule than bolter drill. I'd suggest making terminators scoring and giving his unit furious charge.

    And two new SW codexes before I'm done? Hehe, that would be sad:) I "just" need to get my other two main armies up and running first:) Maybe I'll skip them if the Eldar codex hits and then I'll get back to the wolves.

    Reminds me, I am thinking Biel-tan might be cooler than Alaitoc, hmm.

    Oh, and I still bet that the starter box/boxes will have ultramarines in them:) But I really really hope they will fight chaos marines/legions. The chaos legions really need to come back as the main badguy, they are awesome!



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