Doing my first Big Gun

I was watching some piks on my PC, is incredible  how I got 1GB of pictures all related to warhammer, when the mekboy in me started to roar big time, it was while I watched the forgeworld big gunz so I knew what has to be done.

Quickly I grabbed some plastic and my knife and started to cut here and there until the beginnings of my first gretching vehicle came into being, it is not complete since it lacks the propulsion system and some rives but overall its coming nicely,and only one change was added, the cannon needed a bit more bulk so I added a flame  boy fuel tank I think it works better.




  1. Cool me gusta muho, sos muy bueno esculpiendo

  2. te pico el ork bug otra vez, a ver cuando matamos unos green skins.

  3. Mas tarde subo las fotos del producto terminado.



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