Ultramarines Drop Pod wip 2

I keep working on the Drop pod yesterday and I have almost finished work, If am able to prime it black I might be able to paint it by next weekend.

here is a closed door pictures.


now open doors


parts not yet glued.



Almost everything is to my liking the only bump in the road is that one of the doors open to much  you can see it here on the lower part of the picture where you can see one of the doors not closing correctly.



  1. Looking good. Have you thought of priming grey instead of black? I primed my Skaven grey and it has worked really well. Oh and the Librarian I painted (still need to take a finished photo of that guy) as well. I use a fairly light grey cheap-o auto primer.

    Added bonus, you can thin your paints more with a lighter primer and get nice coverage and bright colors :)

  2. my dear friend you are forgetting the power that new minis bring to the wokrshop. with new models longer finishing times are a must

  3. I finished my black enamel and had like 3 grays unused, primed with them and loved it! it's very awesome and Flekkzo is completely and absolutely right. Soooooo much better than priming black.

  4. To me is going to be a hard time getting grey since last time I used one with bad results.

  5. I still recommend grey, just a better brand:) I've even seen some people hit the whole mini with a black wash so it's even easier to spot details before painting. Sometimes I'm thinking of painting a mini in just shades of grey, just for the challenge:)

    Speaking of taking longer to finish, I plan two groups of Skavenslaves with 50 slaves each! 100 minis to paint! A whole Space Marine company, for 250 points of WFB troops!



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