Magnetizing my Predator sponsons´

After completing the work on the turret I moved to the next prime subject the sponson weapons work here was easy and fast since all I had to do is replace the stubs on the piece where the weapons are mounted then make the hole that I remarked on the picture with a red circle a little bigger so a magnet could be placed there next DSC00485b

as always the magnets should be correctly oriented or you wont have snapping into place weapons but flying away ones.



Sadly here I forget to take some pictures on the weapons inner parts but the principle is similar to the one I used on the drop pod weapon options


the main difference here is that you can only use one magnet not two and you need to make a bigger hole carefully or either you will end up with a magnets that falls off place or an broken piece because the pressure on the stub hole is too much as you can see on the lascannon example


to finish I drilled the corresponding holes  for the boltersDSC00520


so far the project just need to resolve one question, do I seal the chassis as a predator only or do I fix it as a rhino chassis with magnets? as you can see a difficult choice.

until next time.


  1. ya paso una semana, ojala ya esten pintados :D

    btw les tengo una sorpresa para la proxima vez que juguemos

  2. ya hay tienda de para comprar minis de GW..!! esta en la plaza sol sobre la montufar... esta es la direccion a ver si se llega un dia de estos

  3. Yo diria que lo dejes como predator razorback ya que solo es de darle la vuelta a la parte de arriba, o cambiarla en el caso del rhino. Ademas no lp vas a levantar de la torreta entonces ni es necesario magnetizar.



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