Magnetizing my predator turret options

After finishing my predator turret main work I keep on working on the options like the hatch, the hunter killer the search light and the radar dish.
The first step consisted of drilling a hole on the built radar dish base as you can see here:
next I glued a magnet to the turret hull interior, I selected one place where I though the radar would look good and applied a bit of glue to the turret interior next with a bit of careful placement (you got to remember that there are other magnets on the turret hull by now) I dropped the magnet, assuring correct magnet polarity and a correct placement in one single move.DSC00468

If everything else is correct you will have a piece that attach  with good force to the turret as you can see here where I have everything sideways.

Step 3 consisted of drilling holes on the remaining options mentioned before:
Step 4 consisted of placing magnets to the hatch options. to accomplish this I glued a rod of plastic so it is recessed and the hatch doesn't´t protrude from the turret top.
next I drilled a hole in hatch inner sprue  and glued properly aligned magnets to  each,
To test if the alignment was the correct I move one hatch on top of each other and If they snapped together everything was ok.
Finally I worked on the bolter that I decided to glue to the hatch with the base and mounted everything as a test.
so far most of the magnetization options are done, but that is for the next time.

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