Magnetizing my Predator Turret


I just started to build my predator and since I have magnetized most of my STC build's I'm posting here how I did it so others my benefit of my little tinkering.

I started by building the turret and cannons.


Next I added 2 medium magnets on the turret front holes as you can see in the next pictures.




Then I clipped the studs and glued some big magnets



After doing so I tested them and worked perfectly, at most I could dremel a better position for the big magnets witch I used because I wanted a really strong adherence in the canon but it is not a must, if you only have medium magnets you can use them, but you must remember that the magnets must be touching each other, so it might be drilling time.



Lastly I didn’t decided that I didn’t want to choose the rear part of the turret so I glued some magnets to the inner part of both choicesDSC00461DSC00464

Lastly glued the tops and some magnets on the turret interior, here I must warn you that you must be careful with the placement of the magnets or they will snap to only to one side, it is not difficult only a precise operation where you drop some glue in the rear part of the turret interior and then put the already magnetized piece then drop a magnet on the turret interior then put a non magnet separator between the 2 points and drop the other one and voila It will work wonderfully and with out drilling.


One last word of advice: Check All magnets alignments so you have pieces that snap into place and not pieces that fall apart or resist being next to each other.

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