Get to slow start the new year.

This year change, I have been  painfully slow, by thisDSC00225 date last year I managed to had a small tournament where an eldar model was at stake. this year I wan to do the same but this time I have a Gaunt Ghosts novel I want to use as prize.
Since we usually have only one day to do the tournament I want to follow the following rules:
  1. Army size 500pts
  2. FOC: standard  that means at least 2 troops and one HQ.
  3. Scenarios: the standard ones from the rule book randomly assigned, but I both parties agree a battle mission scenario can be used.
  4. Table size: 4x4
  5. Painting: Not required but as always desired.
  6. Points: Win = 3pts, draw = 1 all else = 0
  7. Tournament style: Round robin
  8. FAQ usage: Mandatory latest GW released faqs.
  9. Day if all participating parties agree Sunday: 12 feb 2012 as a backup plan Sunday 19 Feb 2012, start time will be 10AM to give enough time to all player to have at least 2 rounds.
  10. Inscription: send 500pts list via comment or email with preferred date at least feb 11 2012 . if you want to use more than one army is ok with me but be warned that then you will use a random army for the first game then next one, if you don't comply you aren't allowed to participate for the prize but you will be allowed to play.
  11. for the first round all will be randomly selected, since the idea is that every one plays one againts everyone else then for the second set of games we will randomize again but  repeating matches will be rerolled.
  12. the turns will be limited to  10 minutes max but I'm considering allowing only 5 minutes
As always the intention of this tournament is to kickstart the year with good footing and a great time. please let me know your  opinions.

Update: I have added 2 rules  (11 and 12 ) and modified rules (9 and 10.), Also since we all have more time and the points limit is limited then Im considering to make painted armies mandatory following Ashi's  suggestion, but I will consider all oppinions.


  1. Nice setup. I love small point tournaments. My favorite are 200pt kill team tournaments. That way, you can get 5 games in a single day. Gives you a chance to make up for a screw up on your part. I used to limit it to 30 minute rounds including set up time. People got to like the pressure of time limits though they did complain at first.
    With a little bit of planning, you can have two games going on at once on a 4x6. While it seems impossible at first, the shared 2x4 space in the middle actually was never an issue.
    I look forward to hearing how it goes.
    Also, I liked it so that a person who fights to a draw can outscore someone who wins once but looses everything else. For me, it was an 8/3/0 split for points.

  2. Thank you, about your idea for split using the board I was thinking the same it gives a more fire in your face feeling that might help to achieve a high adrenaline tournament.

    and about the kill team tournament it is a great idea, i will try it for the next month round.
    I just need something I can give as prize.

  3. me gusta la idea!!! preparando lista ...!!!

  4. I can´t on this weekend. I will try to make it on the 5th if its not too early. Gonna prepare a 500pt list but I´m figuring out which army I´m going to take. Good job on the rules :D, painted army should be obligatory.

    1. And about the rule about painted armies that would mean that someone with high spirit but slow hand would be left out and that is not my intention.
      Im not naming anyone but Fernando should participate remember that the more the merrier

  5. well, ok two colored armies are fine haha

  6. thanks Ashi for me is fine if we play until Feb 5. and about the armies since most of us have at least two armies I'm OK if you want to use more than one army as long as all the armies are the same points. other suggestions are welcome,

    and Fernando how about preparing some terrain? you have the knack of it some mountains are a good option.

  7. nah I meant that everyone's army is painted with at least two colors. Maybe the main color and another? or will it leave anyone out? i think its feasable.

  8. It's like they say, do you want it done fast or done right? I could have everything I need built by next saturday no problem, primed too. Painted though... the cost of risking a bad paintjob that would last forever or having to repaint is too high. Sorry if it seems I took the convo on a serious turn, not my intention at all.

    Anyway, I can prepare some terrain also and in fact already have some mountains we could use. I can add some details to it, or use it as a cliff bunker with the items I have. In fact right now as I typed that I'm thinking of using that as is and am going to scratchbuild another bunker so we can play bunker defense/invasion games a la normandy in the future. Making terrain is no problem for me, just the painting is where I'm not confident of my abilities.

  9. Open question, Ashi cant make it this weekend and Fernando might not be able to attend next, under those circumstances I would like to hear from all parties what date could accommodate the most people.

  10. This weekend is really impossible for me to make it. And fernando is in the same position for next weekend. If you were going to wait for me then it's fair we wait for fernando. The 15th is a very good date as there isn't anything going on. All dates with the other halve's are on the 14th (valentines) so 15 is a good day to get away from each other hahaha.

  11. Ok as tentative date Im updating the post to reflect the new dates

  12. Ashi's rule would not permit me to enter the tournament.
    Also I have exams on the 16th and one which starts on tuesday and I take home to finish on thurs, so I really can't on those dates either. Fri the 17th is fine for me, as is the contiguous saturday.

  13. Hi.
    I'm looking very forward for the tournament day!
    @Werner: Should I send my list by mail or can I post it here?
    @Everyone: The main idea of the tournament is to share the hobby and have a good time, I guess we agree on that, but with all due respect, please don't be that lazy and do some painting, that will also make you armies look nicer. We're not expecting a great painting job but a job where at least you did your best! Remember: This is a tournament! :D

  14. Ok Pactare, since the new ones need armies to participate and I'm the one organizing all of this madness I prefer that you sent your respective army list at my email account by tomorrow Friday at 11:59pm. werner.oroxon at gmail dot com

    about the armies paint jobs I would very much like to see all of them with the base color applied. that is because the time from announcement has been prudential.

  15. Regarding rule 12: Please keep in mind that we hope that new gamers will manage to join us, although I know the time is an issue, I think we can be more flexible with the time available for each turn.
    And finaly: Most of you already saw the scenery that I have (Sanctum Imperialis, Basilica Administratum and eight 2'x2' board sections). Please count them in as part of the scenery available the tournament day.



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