Using magnets on a SkyRay-Hammerhead model

one of the things I did last year was to built the model for the skyray box, as usual I didn’t settle with a fixed configuration but also I didn’t liked the idea of a fully open built, in the end I went a route I used  on the land raider I did last year were parts are closed but other parts are customizable with magnetics


here are the pics:

the first step was to built the main parts and dry fitting without gluing the turret, the missile support and upper and lower hull parts.


next I glued small magnets on  the missile mount recesses were you usually glue your missiles.



as you can see I used the under structure as a guide, after completing the procedure I can recommend that you used a position that is a bit more forward of the place I used but that is for later.

next you need to put some magnets on your missiles once again I used a rear position so all of them have the same alignment and therefore are fully interchangeable. DSC00602

next is the hammerhead turret here the work can be as complex as you like it or as simple as I did it, my solution is to simply put a magnet on the weapon and another on the the turret mount but the idea is to simply put one is on the rear of the weapon swivel point instead of  the side it wont allow vertical swivel of the weapon but it will let you use either weapon in case the ion cannon becomes worth  to use in the next codex.



in the next article I will post images of the magnets on the weapon  until next time I would like to hear your opinion.


  1. Those Tau and their nasty skimmers :) Had tough battle last week against them. Looking good there, you are starting to get that whole magnetize thing going for you. Wish you could magnetize my stuff :)

  2. Thanks Flekkzo for the compliment. I guess that by tough you mean that you won.

  3. I won but for the grace of the Emperor. It was very close, down to the metal. I like Tau as an army, they are fun and different.

  4. that is why I got them but somehow all paint attemps have been unsuccsefull and I mean all, the only one the is painted right now has problems that merit scratch all work done so far.

  5. I'm liking this war machine, looks very striking and mechanical so far, like a real weapon of war.

    I've been working on my librarian, sadly nobody has participated in my "guess the bitz" sweepstakes :( Anyway, I need to sculpt the psyker energy wings, but I need transparent polymer clay and since you've been in the hobby scene for so long I thought of you first as a source for info on where to acquire such an item. Also where do you get your plasticard from? Any help you throw my way would be much appreciated!

  6. Jose , I havent seen them, and I just look in both G+ and your blog post more details please.



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