A great tournament review

Ok, the Tournament I organized was a blast, in total 9 gamers got together to have a great fun day with the hope to have a go to get back home the Space Wolves Omnibus.

the armies where:

  1. Dark Eldar (winner)
  2. Tyranids
  3. Necrons
  4. Blood Angels
  5. 2 Orks
  6. 2 Space Marines

if you see a discrepancy it was that I welcomed all present to play so one of the new players had to share armies but it worked out great since we only had 3 tables to play. About statistics the Blood Angels, Dark Eldar and Tyranids were the clear winners here. Orks , Necrons (mostly for unfamiliarity) not so good and definitely vanilla space marines either.

We already decided that in two months we will play 750 and will use a variation of the points system we used for this tourney.

Since we played at a local Wendys place we received some attention for passers by, it might help to grow the

I leave you with some pics of the events, the one with the green dice is a good one because you can see there a throw to wound my war boss from lilith. in the corresponding response my warboss landed the final 2 wound on her, nice happy war boss.



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