Initial clashes at PL3-40

My revered master I bring you dire news…
we received reports from  different patrols that on 20120218  some forces  converged at pl3-40 a recently rediscovered planet with valuable resources and at the same time very apt to sustain life, so apt that when the first Space marine landed they found a recently hatched menace from the Tyranids, since no further reports where received a nearby Ultramarine frigate let an small Planet tutorialcompletedpatrol drop on different coordinates soon after that news of heavy fighting against Orks reached the frigate so a new temporary base was setup, while the base was being set up, reports of two more frigates came in one from the blood angels and the other from another chapter that didn’t broadcasted its Id codes, since the first concern was to protect the base from a tyranid infestation the reports wasn’t followed trough, only time will tell if that was a wise decision but already the astropath is warning of dire consequences because of that.
from radio chatter received it has been gleaned that the Blood Angels encountered some kind of alien menaceIMG_20120218_124137 not related to the Tyranids, but little of who was heard, so far the Ultramarine base is setting a nice base to protect the incoming colonizers that the adeptus administratum should be getting ready to send any year now.
So far everything is calm but we suspect that is but the prelude to something more sinister, we already hear that some vile eldar are in the vicinity of the system, and my fears are that as soon as we can send on obit skull probe we might find evidence of more forces preparing to make a stand on that planet, we hope to have an elaborated map for the next meting my lord.
No I depart until that fateful time comes my liege.

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