Tournament Refresher.

Ok since the tournament date has been set on stone asDSC00636 next Saturday I want to refresh the topics of interest:
  • The Date is Saturday 18 at 12pm.
  • Where? at Wendy’s Z.13
  • In the best interest of the event I wont play on it, since the location is public I rather keep an eye on curios people, hopefully one of them or more get interested on the hobby.
  • All the list will be received at my Gmail address werner.oroxon.
  • I rather don’t want to see lists posted here so every one has a fair scenario.
  • I will pair the opponents at random for all the rounds hopefully at 500pts all have a chance to play 2 or 3 games.
  • Since I want fast massacres the table size is 4’*4’
  • the missions can be selected at random from rulebook
  • On the thorny issue of painted armies I would like to see all models  with the basecoat at least. So unpainted minis will be allowed but be warned that it will mean 1 point deducted from your overall result if you have less than 50% unpainted minis and 2 if you have equal or more %.
  • for the new recruits I can borrow either my Space Marines or Orks, if you send your list with something I don’t have I will let you know.

With that in mind I hope the event is a success since the idea is to have a GREAT TIME together remember it is for fun not for the novel.

UPDATE:  I have received an offer from Pactare to help kick start earlier the games, I accepted because in hindsight setting up all the necessary components will only take time  and I really want to have as many games as possible., witch brings me to a new rule, said rule is to limit game lenghts to 1 hour to be able to play about 4 or hopefully 5 games each player. with that in mind I really look forward to next Saturday.


  1. For new players, and only for them, I can also lend out two of my armies (space wolves and dark eldars). Please let me know if someone is interested on either one of them.

  2. hopefully we can start earlier than that, I know you get out of doing stuff at 11am but I think herbert can be the referee while you get there. Good thing about the painted minis stuff. I think if we keep it up we will have very awesome painted games :D



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