paint striping

After a long period of time where I mourned the bad, really bad primer that flaked of my Tau Today I had enough time to use the brake fluid method to strip them, just to be sure my steps were:
  1. get the fluid
  2. put the fluid in a jar
  3. submerge the plastic parts
  4. let it sit for two hours and do the preliminary check out to see the if it melts the plastic 
I stopped here because the primer was so bad that it just needed the slight touch to be removed and about 90% of the plastic was removed in that time,  the usual hard to reach places where a toothpick would be required 
 something that attracted my attention was the  partially removed paint looked like the ideal weathering to use on other proyects

OK in the end I have a Tau force ready to be cleaned up and primed to start once again.  I will take my time to do them properly, till next time.

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