Comparing the typography of the rulebooks

Today I got my hands on the new rulebook, after my first speed pass I noticed that this time it has way more info to be read and wondered how the coming mini rulebook could manage, surely it must be ready to ship with the new starter, what caught my attention is the font size so after coming home I grabbed my previous books and a rule where I noticed that the new rulebook is using a size that is 1.75 mm high for the "n" letter where the full rule book for fifth edition is 2mm and the mini version is 1mm high, I think that 1m is the minimum for comfortable portable reading, that makes me wonder how will the new mini book manage so much info a smaller font might not work so the other option is a bigger mini rulebook, what is your guess?

I will return to my reading of the new book but in the first 4 pages I can tell they did their homework about properly describing the rules and from what I have read from the warp it is good, not perfect but better than 5th. 

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