My Ghazghkull Thraka

OK last Saturday I received my first Fine cast model, and after opening it I must say the quality is great, I didn't take pics of the un_primed model but I did took them from the painted pieces because that model screamed to be painted in parts.

First all the parts

Next each part beginning with the legs

Next the torso

 the power klaw arm

 the big shoota arm
 the head
 the power jaw

the various bitz
 the banner

the first 4 pieces  together

at last the built model

 an overview of the finished model
Now all I have to do is a proper base for it, now to design it.
until next time.

On more thing I changed my usual energy saving lamp for a less energy consuming 1 watt led, but it is a focused design that is great to work on my models, but not so good for picture as I realized today.

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