6th edition primer questionerie 20120823

Now we have a cadence to the questionnaire and for last question's answer I must inform you that the rules are different, the facing no longer crosses the vehicle's hull. how will that affect the facing of vehicles that can see the top of a vehicle still eludes me but rest assured that an answer will be posted here more sooner than later (crosses fingers).

and now for today's question:
you have finally cornered your opponent's last flamer equipped scoring unit with an small unit of yours sadly it is extremely allergic to fire and you pre-measured to know if you could assault it, but alas it is a big risk since you need an 11 to do it, so instead of that, you spot a wall that you will use for cover while your next turn arrives, you are relaxed because  he will advancing to get  there since is the objective to win the game and he wont arrive in his next turn allowing you time to win the game. you carefully move your unit to allow a next turn massacre for his unit and are calm because the wall will cover your unit from fire since he wont see your models nothing can harm them, but when his turn arrives  your opponent moves and in the shooting phase he declares that is shooting to your unit with his because he can see 1 model from yours, for nothing is bad  due to the new allocation rules that will prevent  damage to anything but that poor misplaced fella. Right then  he start wounding your full unit because it is under the flamer template, you see that and stop it saying that he can only wound the model he sees because the wall protect the rest of the unit and once again proceed to grab the rule book to show him the error of his ways. 

What will you find about that and where?

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