Ork watch tower part 1

Some days ago I decided to scratch build something orky, preferably a building, so I grabed the following materials:
  1. Large round base
  2. Some rhino Doors
  3. two plastic rods
  4. one plastic H shaped rod
  5. static grass (scorched from GW)
  6. some bitz
  7. one plastic sheet
  8. sand
  9. pebbles
 with thise materials I cut some ords to form a triangle with them.
 next I cut the doors and arranged them along with a frame bit and some bitz and formed a platform, it doesnt show here but I uses some rods bellow to help with stability of the model.

my next step was to glue the platform to the base
 upon realizing that even if it holds it was a weak link, so I added another rod
 next I used a single plastic rod with some short strips of a thinner rod as ladder

with the general shape done all I needed was to do some basing

 and as last step  for today's I cut an ork face on plasticard and glued it to the large rod.
overall it looked good, in the next step I will show the painting process and an embellishment to the ork icon.

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