The New Mega Force Deals, are they worthy?

After seeing the Space Marine deal I wanted to use my two neurons on the Necrons:
Necrons Megaforce

sadly my neurons were overtaxed and one never recovered, but here I'm so lets see  once again the box alone looks great, it includes 45 models witch put it at around $5.55 per model,against the 7.14 commandeered by each SM model., just by that comparison you have a better return, and codex Necrons is one of the great out there in the tournament,, that is something to consider, but we must be fair and start first with the price analysis of the bundle price, one more time at Dollars from the GW site.

Necron Catacomb Command Barge                      37.25
Necron Doomsday Ark                                          49.50   
Necron Triarch Stalker                                          49.50
Necron Tomb Blades                                             41.25                       
Necron Tomb Blades                                             41.25
Necron Canoptek Spyder                                      33.00
Necron Warriors                                                    36.25
Necron Scarab Swarms
Necron Warriors                                                    36.25
Necron Scarab Swarms
Necron Immortals                                                 33.00

here there is value, your 250 purchase about  $100 in free merchandise the total is 357.25, is not usual for GW to give the edge to Xenos, but I guess there is a catch if you read carefully the models in the individual kits are usually named in pairs, here you will see only individual names, that means that there are fewer pieces, we will now 

and what about playability, well once again it is good enough for starters, but a pro would point out that the stalker is not as good and would be better a flyer and a few other things like that, but given the choice I would be better of with the Necron Deal, it is more bang for your buck in both price and value.

once again what would do you think about  both deals? even when I am an Ultramarines player I'm really tempted by the Necron one, it looks "fantastic" from my non Necron player point of view, now where is my wallet.

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