The new mega deals, are they worthy?

I receveid today the news letter and after reading about the new megadeals I put my two neurons to use so I can figure if it is worth the price lets see the SM one:

Space Marine Megaforce
the box looks beautiful and comes with 35 models lets see the individual sets prices in Dollars at US GW Site:
Land Raider Crusader:   74.25
Razor back :                    41.25
Drop pod:                        37.25
Tactical Squad                 37.25
Tactical Squad                 37.25
Scout Squad Snipers       25.00
Iron Clad Dread              46.25
Command Squad            35.00
Commander                    22.75

 all of that sums 356.25 and the box  sells at 250, so it is price worthy because you get the land raider for free.

And what about useful worthy?

well the drop pod is not great with out an assault unit that the box lacks , the land raider would be better with a terminator so to make a better army out of the box you still need to add some more sets if you are a beginner, it is still a good starter purchase for the price but many pros will say that it has a troop too many.

What do you think?  I would like to hear you.

meanwhile I will switch to the necron box, since I have no model of them and it looks lovely, sadly my two neurons are overtaxed now and must rest.

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