And now What? GW's new online policy.

Is not secret for anyone that I live in Guatemala, then only contry I have traveled has been Mexico, and dont have a visa to travel to USA, so how do I get all my GW stuff, simple by using the discounts provided by the online retailers. with those discounts Im Able to justify to pay the 25% tax plus 12% IVA a total of 37% taxes on my beloved miniatures. I have always known that it is an expensive hobby, but that doesnt preclude me of trying to get them as cheap as possible.  and for me it is online from retailers, I only have purchased 2 broadside packages from the GW if the new policy comes into effect what I will do, and others in my position that to get the parts depends on them. many will search new waters like me with Relick knight or War Machine, a few will keep purchasing from the GW site but my guess is that it will mean lower unit sales, sadly their earnings reports will skyrockt and they will have fuel to justify the policy on more countries. why you might ask, becuase the lower sales will be done at a higher margin and that will help them in the long run (thank God for those U courses)

Ahh for the first time in many years I think a good bye to Warhammer is in order, and I sincerly hope that that policy is reverted or cancelled to keep on with my addiction.

Meanwhile here is a site with greater description of the issue:

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