Tau party at Guatemala

Well, I'm been quite mute lately, but it hasn't been with out reason, because as a Tau player I was expecting the new releases and boy they delivered to my tastes, specially with the riptide, I like it so much it was the first model I built of the ones I purchased.

What is striking me is that all the boxes only had two sprues, it looks that they are more efficient now with the design, for example the Rinho has more than the bomber,

but that is too much talk, here are the first batch of pics.

Love the  new xv-88 way cooler, sadly to expensive.

the Pathfinder sprue

 The bomber ones

 And the Riptide ones, for it I like a lot more the spanish name by the way, it is translated to Cataclism. more menacing that riptide

 my Tau purgchases, :D happy to get them as gifts.
  a friends tau purchases, I have already delivered them but it was a painful week looking at those lovely models sitting there untouched. :(

well that is for today tomorrow I will post pictures of the Riptide(Cataclismo) as I built it.

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