Painting the main Body of my Riptide

I have done some progress with my Riptide, Since I have selected a difficult schema (white is not that easy) the progress has been slower.

I built the guns, torso and legs separately and then primed and painted before finally gluing everything together in a hunched position like avoiding incoming fire and preparing to fire.

I like how it looks and in the games I have used them it has performed great.


  1. Looks great! Your Tau army uses similar colours to my own. My concern now is that my Riptide will end up looking too similar to yours!
    Sorry about that!

  2. thanks for you comment, and dont worry I will feel bad only if you copy the pose but dont post pictures of it, if you post pictures I will feel honored.

  3. Wow that does look great Werner. White is a bear to paint but you are really pulling it off. Kudos.

  4. thanks, it was difficult, specially since my default primer is black



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