My Crisis Suits

I have been playing some battles to good success with my Tau, however in all my games I have yet to include a unit of Crisis, only my Commander has seen action alongside the Riptide. but that is about to finish becuase my crisis have finally been prepared to be table top ready. and here they are:

All the weapons are interchangeable due to them being magnetized what do you think of them.


  1. Good idea on magnetizing. I again failed to do so and already regret it. Also: Cudos for applying white-it's always tough to get it smoooth

  2. Thanks cannon fodder, white is always a dificult color to use. And the magnets are a bless with its own dificukties, I have used 3 years to reach that level

  3. Nice job. Do you find the "new" combination of base and layer whites to work better than the old Skull White? I'm still surprised at how good the new ones are.

  4. thanks Anthony but to be honest I'm still on my last 2 bottles of skull white, I have yet to get the new base whites.



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