Other remembrance of battle past

Tomorrow I will have a battle day with as many 2000 battles I can squeeze in the 8 hour day as possible but first I wanted to share few pictures of the battles I played the last time I had a battle day.

the first battle was against tyranids I lost that battle but it was good one, it was hard to say which way it will take until the last turn when the numeric superiority of MC helped a lot.

The following battle was against necrons, lucky for my my opponent used the tomb blades to try to eliminate my too individual broadsides they were close but separated units and that mean that a lot of his shot even if hit the mark didn't damaged as much as expected, that meant that he lost a 5 model unit in the retaliatory fire, pretty good shooting, next his HQ was fired upon by the Overcharged Riptide to great effect. it was a really fast game but good too.

The last game I lost it because my previous dice didn't helped a lot against Chaos, also I let my opponent to place a bastion with a Quad gun that really tipped the balance in his favor but I liked the game a lot.

 Lets see how tomorrow's play out. I will try to take as many pictures. that is the last time I use my tau before receiving my second Riptide, im already drooling with the possibilities.... until next time.

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