An scratchbuilt Ork looted wagon challenge

I have been thinking of adding a  battlewagon or two to my Ork army, but funds are non existent right now, however plastic is at my disposal and my mek heart was pulsating with tinkering energies and from all that and after giving the Ork Tanks at ForgeWorld a nice lovingly look , I couldnt refrain anymore and thus I began:

first the Images to inspire me

then I began with a Rhino like hull that I planned to attach a tread system, it would be enclosed as I don't have that many parts to do an open one and that decided the form of the vehicle to be enclosed 

 I modeled a door on the rear part and some exhausts
 then a cabin
 and then went crazy building the treads like 36 ones to be precise
 Then I used some plastic studs and glued them against each other to help me create the frame for the tracks.

 and currently I have finished to glue the basic shape

it is turning into a great looking tank, I just nee to decide If I need a turret for that S8 weapon or a Transport with a slight better armor.

If it turns ok I might decide to do a tracked Battlewagon or two as those would definitively help my Orks to be really mobile just like I like them.



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