Work on my Second AOBR Captain

Back in the day I got 2 AoBR boxes one of which I never managed to build lest say paint, mostly because it was a pain to decide how to convert the bits of the captain, sergeant and warbozz to have non repeated options, the first was the sergeant to whom I just clipped the head and placed a helmet as I'm more comfortable with those rather than heads. after a long time searching for inspiration I landed on "In The Grim Cheapness of the Future..." blog where the answer was awaiting me, following his advice I simply set to work and managed the following result:

As I didn't have a Shield that was big enough I simply used the back carapace of a tyranid warrior glued to a wood elf plus a scroll and an Imperial Aquila to have a shield and for the hammer I clipped the sword tip and clued the remaining bit of an ork weapon plus the controller box of a hunter missile from the Rhino box to simulate a Thunder Hammer. What do you think it looks the part?

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