MAD TAU Suits list mussings

Hi every one, I have a deep love for Riptide, I love the model so much that even when I don’t have the money I got a second one, but after reading the new Data slate I must confess that a wild list has come to my mind, let’s see how many suits would fit not how good it would be:

First I would take the Farsight supplement as core for the following list:

Main Detachment
HQ the Riptide Commander
Troops: 2xCrisis suits (3 units each)

Elites 3 Riptides with the Earth caste equipment
Then is how much Riptide power we can fit no if it is a sane list
Heavy: 3 xv107

Data Slate:
1 Riptide
6 Broadsides

That is not including the Tau as Allied to add another riptide to avoid using the fire warriors

I’m not even caring to look the points on that list as I know first I would be broken just from the normal Riptides then the Data slate and to finish with the FW stuff, really nuts, but that list in a Third sphere expansion scenario would be so appropriated to fight endless tides of Guardsmen, more of a narrative than a competitive scenario.

What do you think?

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