My second Riptide is in the oven.

Hi, I been slowly working on my recently received riptide, so far I have taken some bad pictures of some of the magnets that I been using. right now I have two questions to solve, what pose do I want? And should I do the cabin a la Dave Tailor? the last one is the more difficult to do as I'm no modeler by any stretch of the imagination but the challenge is alluring, ohh,what should I do, meanwhile for the first question I have partially answered as I decided to have a right arm shield and a left arm cannon. today I will  do more work as I'm planning on the base, (I do my bases separately of the models and always are army themed).

lets see the pictures then:

The first thing I did with the new model was to verify the magnets orientation, so the new gun can be used on the old model or viceversa

Next I glued the shoulder mounts magnets,to help me with the orientation for those I grabed some weapons and tested that all of the clipped in to position.
 then I used the head of one of my crisis suits to test the polarity of my riptide head mount point to have it properly interchangeable.
after that I did some additional magnets on the reactors for the nova reactor I put a magnet in the forward part and the standard magnet I placed it in the rear position
 after that some dry testing

I will keep posting more as I advance on my riptide. for the moment I would like to hear your opinions, especially the ones regarding the pose of the model.

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