Step by step for the base of my second riptide xv104

I have always belived that the base is a real important part of the models we work with, however my budget hasnt allowed me the pleasure of resin bases like those you will find on the net, that hasnt stopped me from trying my best, this time is no expection and I did a  base for my second riptide, a simpler one than the previous but a base I like a lot.

First I began by colecting the materials:

  • a small stone, 
  • slate pieces, 
  • piece of resin mold overcast (from my Forge World Crisis Suit - not necesary)
  • piece of styrofoam
  •  some small resin pieces on the 40k basing kit,
  • fine sand
and tools:
  • PVA glue
  • Super glue
  • Hobby knife
I shaped the styrofoam in a more or less round disc and trimmed the edges into a wedge
Then glued the styrofoam at the center with PVA Glue and then used the pva to glue the rock, the resin and slate pieces, once they where placed I grabbed a spry can of paint and pressed the trigger on a small circle that melted the stirofoam and let it dry for a while, for a more specific how to you can check the +Teri Litorco  video on Terrain Part 1

After that I covered the surface of the base with PVA glue, I made sure to cover the styrofoam that remained after the melting process was completed, it is critical as it will prevent more melting.

 Next the sand, I just srpinkled a lot of it on the glue, after a while I turned on its side and tapped a bit (strong) so it the one that wasnt glued just falled off.

 When I was happy wit the result I let it dry for 24hrs to be sure all the PVA was properly dry and then sprayed black, for terrain I like the muted tones it gives, way better than other colors.


the last stage was the painting: I started by drybrushing scorched earth but any dark brown will do, after that I drybrushed vomit brown
 then I drybrushed graveyard earth  and finally a bit of bleached bone

I left the center of the crater mostly black and then I started to drybrush a dark grey on the stones and th ceter of the crater only, and started to pick some details like the spent cartridges with some brass and the chaos helmet, on the tubes I used screaming bell and astronomican grey on the concrete slabs, when that dried I used a wash of ogryn flesh on the slabs  and somo stones followed by a bit of devlan mud. I also  glued some static grass and painted some green here and there.

 while it dried I painted the gem on the cross at the base 

 to finish my base I painted the astronomican grey on the rim and followed with skull white which is the color code for my tau. So here is the end result wich will have a pretty  Riptide in the short term feature.

           Hope you like this brief step by step, until next time.

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