a couple of terrain Pieces for my Warhammer 40k and Warmachine games Part 1

Today I felt in the mood to prepare some dificult terrain, so I cut some Styrofoam and a bit of ceral box cardboard and created some terrain features:

As I had a can of Testors Grey primer that I havent used since it failed me with my Tau I decided why to expend my good cans on something as simple as creating craters on the terrains, and  look what happened, I spryed and spryed and it didnt eat the material, first time in my life that a can of spray paint doesnt eat trough the material. I dont know if it is becuase it really is that bad or if it is a testor primer it lacks the necesary chemicals to melt the styrofoam.

So after I switched can it started to look better

 As yo can see on the last picture they look blasted enough, lest see how it  looks after I apply glue and Sand on it.hope to do it next weekend.

Ok, until next update.

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