My New Found love XWING

Hi, I been really hush lately, but you will learn why here, so I was minding my own business in December when my Brother send me a box of unused but loved games, I opened it and there it was Netruner (discarded to better loving place by now), Mage Wars and LO AND BEHOLD a Star Wars Core Box, I don’t recall any more, I have been playing and my love for it has been growing, so much as my Warmachine friends might say, currently I have the bare minimal 2 core sets, one tie advanced, B-wing- Y-wing, YT-3000, Extra x-wing and Imperial Aces, 
but two events have made me come out, the first one of the friends the one that has been promoting the game in fact got a nasty surprise as his X-wing was damaged on a demo game and without him knowing badly really badly fixed, to the point where the peg plug was broken from the ship when trying to remove one of the pegs,

So I decided to help him, and this is the result:

first the broken ship

 next the first tool on the arsenal to have it restored:

 a pre-hole has been drilled on the peg usual spot. it will serve me as a guide
 now to a bi more to the size of the magnets to use
 A word of advice here: when dry testing be sure to only use one mgnet, that way if you cant tajke the magnets out at least you dont end up like me
 with  two magnets instead of th recesed one I was planning
 now for the damaged peg plug
 as it was already shaved I just glued a low profile magnet:

and now we have  ship that can be used again:

I hope te owner is happy when he receives his ship, next time I will post of ow I modified my B-Wing. until then.

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