X-Wing economics of the game

Recently I have read some complains about the xwing prices but I believe that while not cheap, for what you get is not that expensive, why would do you ask?
Well first you pay usually $15 for a mini, and to play you need just 1 core and some ships depending on the faction, that is a decision you need to take as in any game if you are careless you can end up in a expensive experience, lets discuss today what is for me one of the most expensive 100pts list you can field as a xwing player, the tie swarm to field it you will need 7 to 8 ties at 100pts and you will need to purchase 1 tie fighter and 3 core sets  for $135 or  1 core and 5 ties at $115, I don't recommend to get the 7 ties as the cores bring the rules and dice plus some practice rebel scum, and the dice outside the core are expensive, that makes for are really standard competitive list and model wise a expensive one, what would do you get if you play warhammer 40k and warmachine the other popular games, in 40 the regular battle box is around $100 and you will need glue and paints that will cost easily the extra $35, that battle is by no means a tournament ready box, today the median for tournament armies at 40k or fantasy is like $500 now we are talking about expensive, lets compare it to warmachine, usually billed to a cheap alternative to 40k (well not usually but you get the idea),  the first 50 will get you the starter and around the next 50 will get you a unit and the last $35 will be for paints and possibly one special character, that battle list of purchases means like 20 to 25 points hardly the 35pts tournament level.

Lets compare what you get on each game  first GW then Privater
On GW side you get some high quality minis but you will need time to assemble them, you wont be getting the rules for them , optionally you can get the two player box and some minis then you can get to play but in both cases you wont be playing 5 minutes after your purchase with your own stuff.

On warmachine  side almost the same story as the battlebox includes the bare rules of the game plus the specific models rules,  to play you will need time to assemble and wont be playing tournaments 5 minutes after your purchase and even then your purchase will limit you to low level ones.

On xwing you get  the full rules and if a model need additional rules those will be there, plus if you want to play with your  purchase just open it and assemble the dial get your tokens and play.  And a rebel player would invest differently as he will need a core plus a few other ships like a b wing., that doesn't mean it will be cheap,   if you want you can get the champion list with like $150 as it has a core components ( a must for the rules dice and templates) plus 2 ywings, 2 b wings and two lambda transports  ( needed for the advanced sensors), that is expensive but not mandatory.

Please understand that it is no bad mouthing those games as both have appeals that I love, but being able to use my precious time playing is a big plus. And not having to invest on auxiliary products too.

That is why I have been thinking that xwing is not that expensive and it being star wars... you get the idea, only a B5 game would be better... mmm... now i have an idea.

What do you think?

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