My B-Wing modification

Recently I modified my B-Wing to allow for the depicted rotating cabin, for that first I broke the peg plug on the engines and drilled a hole to fit 1 magnet, decision I regretted almost instantly, as the magnets worked but not all the time so I drilled a side hole to remove the ship side magnet, and after that I drilled a bigger hole one where 4 magnets went in to the hole, 2 were left inside the ship and one was glued to the peg plug so it gives stability to the union, that did the trick to have a stable ship.  As for the cabin I forced the window part out and it slides out of a big peg inside (just like the ship stands but bigger), I only sanded the hole on that part to allow it to rotate and removed a portion of the peg  to accommodate 1 magnet one on the ship body and other on the cabin, with that the ship rotates as shown on the movie, hope you like it.


  1. Now that is cool. I only did the standard make it fly sideways mod, but I will have to consider this as an option someday

  2. I'm happy you liked this gameo so much.... afraid you like this game so much as well lol

  3. @Chyrondave Good to know you liked the conversion, the cabin is realy easy as you dont need any saw or knife to get it out, just be careful with your preassure points, but the mod is as easy as to bend the ship position.

    @w0lfang hi, and I must confess that is safe for you to put on the white coat and maniacally start doing your DR Frankenstein laughter and cry out loud "I created a monster"



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