Finally the Relic Knight kickstarter has arrived.

Ok finally after two long years, the Relic Knight Kick starter has fulfilled is part of the agreement, and even if shipments have not been the best of all in the long and difficult process that has been this kickstarter, at least now I have some minis, here are some pictures, well a lot of them really:

The box in all its glory
 just opened
after removing some packaging material

 the inclued  base inserts
 more boxes
 yet more boxes

 I like the boxes they look really good
 more boxes and what looks like the end of the box
 mm no, really more stuff below there

 Everything toghether,

 The armies together, as stated by Soda Pop only the cerci box is not the production one.

by now I have already started to built some models an I will post them tomorrow.

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