Relic Knight my Black Diamonds and fisrt model

So after some days I have been building my minis like there is no tomorrow, Currently I have most of the Black Diamonds,
The interesting bit is the optional pilot for one shot, here is a group photo:

My thoughts for the moment are:

  1. The higher ranked the model is in terms of game play, the less flash it has,  or at lest the less cumbersome to remove, that has allowed me to built more that 20 models in less than 3 days, I like that and a lot
  2. So far I have found problems to built the smaller models and the ones without a picture of the end result, instructions are not really needed as every piece has a connector that matches the only place where it is supposed to be, that in the other hand makes convertions a bit complex as you need to be aware of the plugs that only allows you a single build.
  3. The plastic, it is Privateer Press plastic/resin and it also is not included on sprues  for the most part, that makes a lot less mess but I like that.
  4. Keeping on the plastic, I see it retains details really good. once again pretty much like the one  Privateer Press, but the faces are a lot simple compared to games workshop, it can be a good thing or a bad depending on how  well I manage to paint the faces
  5. If you were one of the Kickstarters, then you will find that the included base inserts are a bit repetitive, specially the bigger the insert, I still need to make something to mod them.
  6. The Diamonback, is really a menacing looking model, I like it a lot.
  7. The model count in any case for a more that ready army is way lower than my model count for my Tau or my Space Marines and more in line with my Cygnar  count, 10 grunts, 5 specialist  2 specialist models, one minor knight and a relic one. less that 20 only my two fire warriors teams have more models than that and is by no means a playable army.
Now I need to read some rules to be able to play when those models have completed the paint process.

Here are some more pictures:

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