Relic Knight Doctrine first painted minis

So yesterday I decided that after washing all my minis it was time to prime them, once I primed the minis I couldn’t stop, so I grabbed some minis  and started to paint here is the gallery of my results:

First the bases, I went with the crystal outgrows plus some fine sand.

 Then I did a Cypher, the FF9000, it was easy to do and as the bases where ready it looks wonderful
 Next it was the turn of Delphyne & Ekhis
 Delphyne was easy to work on once I decided on the schema, mostly red with some denebh stone, the face intimidated me as Im not used to anime style minis but in the end it looks good, for the hair to look good I had to mix some white on the yellow until it looked bright enough, I like how it looks, for the robes, I drybrushed scab red, then blood red, then blood red mixed with orange, then orange then orange with a bit of yellow, and for the leather parts I used scorched brown, then drybrushed calthan brown and finally graveyard brown

For  Ekhis I decided to do a simple grey over black drybrush until it looked good, I must confess that it was easier than Delphine

 With the first librarian, I simply drybrushed grey on the armor and 2 tone skin colors, finally some orange and yellow on the armor edges, washed on black
 the first initiate it was a simple schema with yellow on most of the dress outlined with red, it looks good, only downer is the skirt length, I have a daughter that complains of it.

 My Second librarian, for this I when with a more gradual grey - white drybrush that really made the armor look nice, and to differentiate  it from the first one I did blue gems,

 Finally I did Scratch, it was simple, just the,  eyes some red-orange drybrush and some gold and finished.

to conclude, I enjoyed a lot the minis, easy to paint once I removed myself from the GW style, and embraced the anime style, specially on the faces.

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