Relic Knights my DiamondBack

I finaly worked on the Diamonback, a really masive model, I still need to work on the Noh, but I guess that faction will be sold to allow the rest to remain at home.
but  enough of it, better go to the stellar boy.

I began with a black undercoat and followed by mixin Adeptus battle grey with abbadon black to have a darker grey,

 Next some highlights on Codex Grey and it looked a lot better.

 Next I began detailing,  A drybrush of Ice Blue and Skull White that did the power weapon right
 A bit of detail and a alert on flash that I corrected on the go
 some metal details

 and the base
 more power

 a bit lighting

 and a bit of purple detail to help define it to the faction plus head optics.

Finally after taking the last picture  I built a little board and staged an scen with some minis I have done plus others that are on progress, what do you think?

 Sadly one soldier dropped to the floor and Im with a headless model

Here is all for today, let me see how can guess what models are WIP and what are to be considered Done.

Until next time.

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